My name is Vicki Murphy and I am a psychic medium, using my gifts to Intuitively Coach & Heal. When I was a child I broke my back, and was told that I may never be able to wash my own hair again. I have been broke, divorced, and afraid, having only an art degree wondering how I was going to find a job.

These experiences took me on a journey of learning how to heal my heart, mind & soul, and create true abundance. Now I’m living my dreams, and helping as many are ready, willing and able, to create their own abundance and healing; to find passion, create soul purpose careers, and financial freedom. I don’t want anyone to live in misery or without their abundance for as long as I did - so I am here to help you get there faster. I have shared my methods of healing and manifesting with thousands who are now reveling in their own success. I’d love to help you too! I am located in Southern California, and do classes, readings, and more GLOBALLY.

If you have problems that aren't being solved through conventional methods, I can help you create a healthier, happier, and fuller life! Contact me at Vicki@WestCoastMedium.com.

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