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Stacey J. Hentschel ~ Inner Wisdom ~ heart/soul transformational sessions & readings ~
Intuitive Coaching & Conscious Consulting in Business, Higher Purpose, Relationships, Spirituality, Healing, Inner Balance, Presence & Higher Wisdom~

Stacey J. Hentschel the founder of Quantum Integrations / Inner Wisdom, is a consultant, coach, leader & speaker. She works holistically with individuals as they uncover their truth, strength & passion for life.

She compassionately empowers couples to discover deeper levels of listening, understanding & love – their deeper soul connection.

She facilitates the building of consciousness, visionary directed, innovative & sustainable organizations.

As she works with organizations, couples & individuals, they open to higher states of awareness & wisdom from within. Blending higher principles of consciousness with her intuition and compassion, her client's live from their highest vision and gifts.~

~ Soulful & Intuitive Coaching & Conscious Consulting & Readings & Healings ~

Conscious Businesses- making a difference in the world~
Visionary & Mindful Businesses ~
Vision, values & practices, Higher purpose~
Conscious leadership~
Productivity & presences~

Conscious Connected loving Relationships ~
Soulful love ~
Attracting our Soul Partner
Heart Healing ~
Deep listening & Heart communication ~

Higher Wisdom, Awareness & Presence, mindfulness ~
Presence~Centering~ intuition ~ Coaching
Empowerment ~ Life Coaching
Higher Purpose/Vision ~ Coaching
Soul Blueprint - Circuitry Alignment

Holistic living, vitality, Inner strength & balance ~
Energy Healing ~ Strengthening & Awakening the Body, Mind & Soul
Vitality, Wellness, Stillness Coaching
Integrative Chi & Somatic Moment
Connected Heart Breathing

Accessing Deeper Wisdom, Purpose & Love ~ A Fulfilled life ~

~ Living in our Inner Connected Essence, Truth & Love ~

Warmth from the Heart,

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