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Hello, my name is Tina Lee and I am a longtime Clairvoyant Psychic and Medium. If you would like to know more about my history and reading abilities, and how I got into this industry 30-plus years ago, please be sure to read my profile.

In love and light, I am here to help you.

Call today (530-588-1794) to book a personal phone reading with me.

You can book online and make an appointment for:

                1 Hour for $160
              1/2 Hour for $100

You can make your appointment over the phone.

Be sure to mention New Earth Events. Please check for my listing about a FREE FIVE minutes with me over the phone. A short introductory sample reading, available for a limited time. Take advantage of this offer now!

DISCOUNTS APPLIED TO PHONE READINGS ONLY. This offer is not available at any of the public events that I attend. So please do feel free to take advantage of this FREEBIE by phone.

Call today to speak with me by phone. In-person readings will also be done in Stockton and Sacramento at the upcoming events - May 4th at Unity of Stockton on March Lane. 10 am - 6 pm

May 5th at Sacramento

Crowne Plaza Hotel.

5321 Date Ave.

10 am - 6 pm

Be sure to attend MY FREE LECTURE. Information on how to develop and improve your own psychic abilities. Working with YOUR Spirit guides.

I will be doing MINI personal readings also during the FREE LECTURE.

Please do attend my lecture if you would like to possibly get a free sample of spirits abilities to deliver very personal information.


My first phone session with Tina was 6 months ago in July of 2001. I diligently wrote word for word everything Tina Lee spoke. I scribbled dates, names and events on paper slightly doubting her abilities.

Tina told me that I would be moving my business either in 8 months or in the eighth month (being August 2001). I snickered to myself, because I had just opened my business 4 months prior to this conversation and had no intentions to move again. I had just settled into this place.

In the middle of August, sure enough, I found a better building to move my business into and function successfully. Tina Lee insisted I was to be involved with some kind of CO-OP where I would be managing a group of people. I did not want to work for anyone nor did I have the desire to manage others. What actually occurred was I ended up having others rent spaces from me and we work in the same suite while they run their own business. It was completely true.

She also told me that I was to meet a Brian very soon. A few weeks later I signed my new lease with my landlord named Brian.

I am not a skeptic with the psychic world, however, I will not spend money on just any person who claims to be a psychic. . . I truly feel Tina Lee is as accurate with her sessions as a human being could possibly be. She does not claim to know it all. . . she's just the messenger.

— Julie C. Chicago Illinois 12/2/01


Hi Tina,

Thanks so much for the reading. It was very comforting and enlightening for me!

You kept saying the name Maria and we could not place who she was.

I spoke with my Mother and she is my Mother's Mother!! You told me that, sorry. I did not know her name at the time that we did my reading.

You also mentioned a Heratio but could not pronounce it. I think they said Doruccio. He is my Father's Father.

Make sense?

Thanks again,

— Dolores P. PA 7/13/01

Again, if you'd like a reading, call me at 530-588-1794, or pick a date and time here to book an appointment. I would love to allow Spirit, and your loved ones to touch your life. To help you today, for your many possible paths of tomorrows.


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