Topic: What are the Akashic Records? How do I benefit from them?

Annie is a lively and enthusiastic speaker, especially about her favorite subject: The Akashic Records. Sharing her knowledge and experience of giving over 1,000 Akashic Records Readings in the last five years, Annie will cover these questions in her 60 minute talk on the Akashic Records. She will discuss how the Akashic Records are organized, helpful personal and professional uses of the Records, and the importance of properly framed questions to ask the Records. She will address why the Akashic Records are spiritual, not psychic, and the differences between the two. An experienced channeler, Annie has extensive esoteric training in sensing energy and expanded consciousness (drug free, no less!). She also has a great sense of humor about life, illness and recovery, and the spiritual path. Join her for an uplifting hour and solid information.

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