Accessing Akashic Records (beginning)

Certified as an Advanced Teacher and Practitioner and channeling since 1987, I have done 1000 Akashic Readings in the last 5 years. This webinar teaches you how to access your own Akashic Records consistently and accurately. Webinar enables you to access Soul level information on what your higher purpose is, why certain experiences were essential to your personal and spiritual development, and how you have used difficult relationships to take your consciousness to higher realms that are governed by Judge Not, Fear Not and Resist Not. The Akashic Records provide the fresh perspective that results in greater compassion, love and detachment that free's you from the past. Accessing the Akashic Records is perfect for releasing unwanted past life and ancestor influences! Full of loving guidance from your Beings of Light, your Teachers, and others, you'll learn to embrace yourself, accept the past and be clear about next steps to further your personal, business and spiritual growth. Call 415-846-2412 and talk directly with me about this class or register on the Events Page at

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