Integrative Chakra Therapy with Dr. J


Energetic healing works on your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual ‘states of being’ as well as the energetic presence of your Chakras. It is YOU who are ultimately in control of your own healing, as Dr. Jelusich Dr. J) believes healing occurs when you connect to your Divine Source; experiencing the true ‘One-ness’ in which we already exist.


Receive information and healing helping you identify Karmic causes for your inner challenges. Understand how drawing upon the skill sets & character you currently possess in order to help clear Karma while aligning you with fulfilling your life’s purpose. These deeper insights into the ‘how & why’ of your current life situations and current relationships may help you in making happier choices for your future.


Receive practical ‘how to’ counseling for building inner strength and balance. Are you a healer or on the path of becoming awakened? The energetic rebalancing of your Chakras can assist you in opening higher levels of consciousness within yourself. As you become more balanced and self-empowered, you can experience living your life in a more peaceful & purposeful way.

IN PERSON - PHONE/ONLINE All sessions are approximately one hour in length and are available via CD, Dropbox, or Email (in MP3 format) for personal review at home!

For over 30 years, Dr. Richard Jelusich (Dr. J) has been helping people worldwide with spiritual healing at the chakra level (mind-body-spirit). He has many testimonials from people making dramatic improvements in their lives!

He has been teaching Integrative Chakra Therapy (ICT) for over 20 years and has over 500 students and graduates in the U.S. and Canada. He is lead faculty and Chair of the Board of Directors at the California Institute for Human Science in Encinitas, California. He hosts Light News Radio show every week and has published 2 books on the Chakras; Eye of the Lotus, Psychology of the Chakras, and I Can Relate, how we intuitively choose the people in our lives. Dr. J has led many groups to study the Mayans in Central America for many years.

Dr. J offers many private sessions, workshops and lectures in the U.S., Canada and abroad. He has lectured in Japan, Germany and Switzerland, as well.

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877-242-5721 Video about Dr. J's Integrative Chakra Therapy training healers!

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