Yoga Therapy & Chakra Balancing mini-session

Free 15-minute mini-session at the New Earth Expo, San

Diego, 2019. Come experience a transformational healing experience, featuring Yoga Therapy stretching , Health Coaching, and Chakra Balancing. You will work through pain and stress, and then re-connect to the Universe!

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Brandie Bayless

3 months ago

I’m very interested


Paul Wellin

3 months ago

Hi Brandie, this is Paul Wellin, I posted an announcement of a free 15-minute yoga therapy and chakra balancing session at the New Earth Expo. This morning, February 3, I received your message that you are very interested in a session. You could wait until the next Expo in San Diego, March 10...or you can schedule your free mini-session at my office.

Let me know if you want an office session, and then I can find a time that works for you.

My sessions are for adults only. Your picture looks like you are a child.

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