Awaken the power within you!

Oxana Lovich is a certified life-coach, hypnotherapist, energy healer and Reiki practitioner. She will help you break free from old patterns, awaken you to your life’s purpose and help you create a more fulfilled life! Her powerful techniques will assist you in removing your self-imposed limitations and negative beliefs. Oxana’s unique combination of practices will empower you to create the best version of yourself and help you transform every area of your life!

Oxana became interested in self-development at an early age due to tragic events which created a burning desire to find the inner peace missing in her life. In addition to traditional methods of education, including psychology at Berkley and certification in hypnosis, she has also immersed herself studying with Native American tribes in order to learn from generations of healers before her.

In mastering her mind, Oxana knew her destiny was to share her knowledge of mindfulness with others, helping transform them into more enlightened beings. Through her work, she will empower you to incorporate her unique combination of techniques that will lead you to live happily, peacefully and consciously. In other words, she will help you discover your true life’s purpose, master keeping negative thinking at bay, start loving yourself unconditionally, and obtain true peace of mind. Give yourself a gift of her extraordinary talents and be amazed by the power within!

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