Shamanic Healing and Crystal Light Bed

Crystal Bed and Shamanic Holistic Healing Sessions with Sacred Sounds Therapy.

What kind of services are provided during these healing sessions?

A) Crystal Bed Therapy therapy with healing crystal lights from John of God.

B) Soul Recovery

C) Channel Readings

D) Removal of negative physical or emotional energy with sacred herbs.

F) Sacred Sounds

By healing physically and mentally, you will regain your mental clarity and the physical energy to achieve everything you want out of life.

What is Shamanic Holistic Healing?

It is an ancient sacred science that can harmonize every individual.

It involves non invasive techniques and procedures that invoke the energy from the universe to combine it with that of nature in order to restore your physical, mental and emotional well being.

What maladies can be treated?

Emotional issues:

A) Stress

B) Fears

C) Negative energy blockages

D) Addictions

E) Past lives

F) Negative Energy around your bodies

Physical illnesses

It is vitally important to understand that Shamanic Holistic Healing will address the root of the disease being caused due tho stress or negative energy such as: asma, heart conditions, prostate cancer, peptic ulcers, hernias, arthritis, cancer, migraines and sinusitis, among others.

How are the healing sessions conducted?

Each individual will receive the specific therapy pertaining to their condition and special needs.

Grace Mukta is a channel in tune with the Enlightened Masters, Angels and Archangels who receives the shamanic guidance for each specific person depending on their individualized needs.

The sessions last between 40 - 90 minutes, depending on the individual. with Crystal Bed of John of God.

Grace also provides Shamanic Holistic Healing Sessions at a distance (Distance Healing).

Grace Mukta Authorized Guide from John of God and authorized Crystal Bed Therapist

She is a swami from the Swami Order in Puri, India who is authorized to initiate students in the holy discipline of Sacred Pranayama - a sacred yoga science (Kriya Yoga) - to every truth seeking soul!

Grace Mukta is a third generation shamanic healer.

Chanel Ascended Masters

Medium ( talk with your dear Ones)

Yoga therapist,

Yoga Master since 1976

Kundalini Yoga Master

Kundalini Healing Light Master

Reiki Master.

Sacred Sound Master

Grace has devoted her life to sharing her knowledge in Shamanic Holistic Healing and

Sacred Pranayama, Kriya Yoga with people from different parts of the world.

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