11/18 San Diego: Book Signing - 7 Keys to Coping with Cancer

Book signing - see me at my booth (and at my FREE talk at the San Diego Expo on 11/18/18).

You can pre-order your book here and pick up your signed copy at the expo.

Amazon Best-Seller!

7 Keys to Coping with Cancer - How You Can Feel Good AND THRIVE (from someone who's been there)

Does it feel like your life has spun out of control? Has your cancer diagnosis left you feeling shocked and confused? Are you overwhelmed by the huge number of decisions you have to make?

In this easy-to-read guide, coach Debra Wilson Guttas throws back the curtain behind her journey with two simultaneous Stage 3 cancer diagnoses. As she walks through her inspiring story she shares with you her secret, but simple and effective techniques for managing the immense stress of cancer and its symptoms.

In this quick primer you’ll discover how to:

• Take back control of your life and define your “new normal”

• Cope with uncertainty and fear with a greater sense of peace

• Support the healing of your whole mind, body and spirit

• Craft a holistic approach to alleviating the side effects of cancer and its treatments

• Shift from feeling powerless - to inspired and empowered

If you seek to not just survive cancer, but THRIVE, this book is for you.

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