Super-Conscious - Healing The Body Mind and Soul

"Super-Conscious - Healing The Body Mind and Soul” free lecture presentation. Dr. Turi is a 10 years cancer survivor who refused chemotherapy. He is the creator of "The Universal Blood Transfusion" who saved his and many people's lives!

The following is a lecture and full workshop presentation taking place *March 19th 2019 in Sedona, AZ at the Creative Life Center by "Beyond The Matrix."

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For all inquiries please contact: Suzanne@SciSpi.TV

San Diego January 27th - Following my lecture presentation on how to use the supra-conscious in time and space correctly, I will offer psychic readings and personal healing sessions in my booth for $150.00 per person.

All readings, personal predictions for 2019, cosmic teachings, healing tips are taped - Audio tape provided.

What I am going to do for you then is to impress you and guarantee your full satisfaction. This include the phenomenal Nostradamus' Astro-Tarot and the rebuilding of your magnetism.

I will have a few titles available and will also do a book signing. You are strongly advised to book our session right away.

Note: I only have 30 mn talk thus there are serious limitation to what is mentioned to take place below in this workshop.

Important: All attendees must go through a physical/spiritual cleansing before entering the lecture room.

Two crystal balls (black and white) will be placed on a small table by the door on a silver tray while incense and one white candle will be burning.

You must touch the black ball first with both hands for a few seconds then repeat the process on the crystal ball. The black crystal ball acts as a "black Hole" vacuum sucking away negative collected thoughts.

The white crystal ball spent days in the full hot sun of Arizona and act as a "super positive charger" and insert life force into your body mind and soul This technique is designed to balance your chakras and cleanse your body, mind and soul before the healing session.

A 30 minutes introduction designed to open the Super-conscious with incredible examples will be offered to the attendance.

Lights are dimmed down, soft music starts.

While a soft soothing melody glides over in the background of the room, using safe hypnotherapy procedures, Dr. Turi will put the audience in a light trance to open the door to the subconscious' creative forces. The dynamic suggestions used will work miracles and bring about your most cherished wishes for peace, wealth, love and health.

This highly spiritual healing session keeps the audience semi conscious and offers a unique feeling of all-encompassing relaxation. There is no deep hypnotic trance induced and the listening assembly is totally safe and sound during the session.

Dr. Turi’s hypnotherapy expertise guide and adjust the astral body to respond to the super-conscious' suggestive healing forces. Knowing the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought, turning your own psychic energy into a powerful laser beam to reach and use the Supra conscious in time in space will bring about emotional, financial and spiritual stability.

The trick is to slow down the body physical atomic structure and accelerate the etheric body through consecutive progressive suggestions to make miracles happen. This 4 minute short video offers the listeners a practical understanding to what the creative power of the supra conscious’ creative forces are all about.

This lecture will change your entire conception to what it means to be human and use this wisdom for the rest of your life.

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For inquiries: Suzanne@SciSpi.TV


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