90 mn Taped Full Life Reading

A taped Full Life reading promises to be the best decision you ever made to get the critical spiritual regeneration you need. $150 for a 90 mn tape.

This consultation also includes checking your future for 2019 via the Astro-Tarot, dream interpretation and omens translation. All designed to help you becoming more aware of your own psychic power blessing your physical and spiritual life.

If you are into natural health, uncovering the secrets of the human mind, its connection to the supra-conscious creative forces and creative psychic energy you will drastically benefit from our meeting.

This session includes the messages and cleansing of your subconscious, the teachings of various natural healing techniques and the teaching of the "Universal Blood Transfusion."

What will be taught in this session?

Awareness and grounding: Understanding the difference between the subconscious and the Supra-conscious in time and space.

Cleansing and recharging: How to make yourself safe from low astral entities, remove fears, depressions, guilt and to safely release unwanted energies.

Psychic reading: Awareness of the upcoming 2019 Universal cosmic energy and use universal laws in your daily life.

Regeneration of your psyche, more energy, losing weight and replenishing yourself your own psychic energy.

Boosting the immune system, building magnetism and the seat of attraction between humans”

Attracting your soul mate, emotional, financial and spiritual stability.

Checking your past lives residue and karma removal.

"Incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to share!" Dr. Turi

Watch this short video please - Teaching Nostradamus’ Natural Healing Through God Cosmic Divinity - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BX3TzPUt08

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