Talk: The Ancient Art of Tying Wind Knots: a preeminent tool

This is a ceremony for innovative change-makers. Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman will introduce you to Wind Work® and how to align to the magnetic North and set your dreams and aspirations to Nature’s rhythmic cycle.

Renee Baribeau is the Hay House author of Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health, and the Divine. She is a Wind Whistler, Soul Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Workshop Leader, known and respected for her down-to-earth approach.

We are living in an unprecedented time in a world with a Chaotic Spin. The Q’ero elders of Peru spoke of this time as a Pachakuti (upturning of the world), and the Hopi called it a Koyaanisqatsi (world out of balance and turmoil). Anthropocene is a clear and present danger facing society. Even the Winds are speaking out.

In Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health, and the Divine, Renee Baribeau uncovers 32 ancient Wind Gods and Goddesses who have been silent for thousands of years. She claims they are here to assist us as we navigate the choppy waters ahead. Our work is to “wake up”, stay present and to come together as one heart to live in balance upon the Earth, as the wind travels around the globe in a few short days.

In this talk and ceremony, you will be introduced to Wind Knots. The art of tying Wind Knots dates to the thirteenth century and is attributed to the wizards of Lapland, the witches of Shetland and the Isle of Man. Ensuring that winds would blow in their favor, sailors would visit wind witches who would sell them a strand of Wind Knots. These potent charms were used to call upon the wind for guidance. In this workshop, you will be given the tools and techniques to make your own strand of magical knots.

You can use the Wind Knots to power your dreams and goals.

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