Presenter: Terry Lee Brussel, CCHt

Sunday 11/11/18 2PM at the Garland

All of us have had many decisions to make in our lives, decisions which have determined who we are and how we have lived our lives.  
Some obvious ones are whether you marry the man who never rose beyond clerk in the mail room or the young man who becomes a successful attorney , whether you yourself go to college and make a professional/business career or become a stay at home Mom.  
Less obvious parallel self makers are such things as whether you go to a concert (and have a accident on the way which puts you permanently in a wheel chair) or decide to stay home and do your hair that same night, whether you take Spanish (and marry your teacher after high school) or take French from old Mrs. Brown.
What if at each such choice point we create an alternate reality which actually exists from that time forth?  A reality which most of us are entirely unaware?  I believe that we do create such alternate selves in very different realities many times in our lives.  
I have followed in my awareness some of my alternate selves over several years, watching some of them grow, change and become versions of myself whom I scarcely recognize while others are living their lives in ways very similar to my own. It has helped me to learn more about who I am and what makes me that way.  

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