Nostradamus' Natural Healing 7 days Course

Read about the 7 days course details and the formidable feedback I received from previous students.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This 7 days course is also available by mail. You will get 16 CD's, three hard cover books and all printed materials needed to master the cosmic code jurisdictions under my guidance. (DVD Astropsychology software not included) for only $500. All available in my booth!

The upcoming live course in Sedona or Hawaii cost is $1060.00.

There is no need for you to spend a fortune to loose weight, beat cancer, stay young or take a chance with a knife on your face and end up mutilated…

There are much safer natural ways you never heard before and they are not only easy to master but extremely effective! And you do not need oil or expansive beauty products either!

In my upcoming natural healing courses in Sedona or Hawaii I will offer men and women of any age immaculate secrets on natural healing on whole body, secrets of youth, something famous plastic surgeons would dream to know and charge you a fortune for!

Note: I can only accommodate 15 students in the Sedona live week long course so please make your reservation ASAP! Email

While science has accomplished incredible progress in medicine doctors do not have the answer to avoid and beat cancer or look younger years after years… Learn from someone who beat cancer 10 years ago and look 25 years younger than his age at 69!

And there is so much more I can teach you...

Added to the “gift of youth” physical secrets I have for you I will teach you how you can use the Supra-conscious works to reach all your wishes.

Nostradamus' Natural Healing immaculate secrets can be yours and I can not wait to graduate you as a real gifted Soul Doctor!

Master Astroforensic - I will also teach you how you can attract UFO's, and make various talismans,

I will teach you how to correctly translate physical and spiritual omens, perform dreams interpretations, how to use the Supra-conscious to keep young and healthy and also master all the secrets of the Cosmic Code.

I will also teach you Nostradamus' rare 16th century Astro-Tarot methodology, the miraculous great Seer’s natural methods and my cosmic teachings will be yours to use for the rest of your life.

You will look years younger and avoid ( or like I did) even beat cancer - I will teach you how to gain serious magnetism to attract the opposite sex - I will teach you the right timing to succeed in all your affairs. You will eliminate depression and insecurity while building supreme confidence and a phenomenal reflex to correctly read a person in 5 seconds.

Shine and impress others with your new found cosmic powers - Heal your body, mind and soul naturally - Start a career that will last well after your retirement days. There is so much for you to learn and you can do it all in 7 days!

" Dr. Turi I have learned more in your 7 days crash course in Sedona than the 7 years I spent in an accredited college!" Student Dr. in psychiatry.

Endorsements from many doctors and PhD's who took my Astroforensic course:

The miraculous great Seer’s natural methods will be yours to use for the rest of your life and change the lives of all the people you care.

Read and share pls

From my heart to yours...

I have been touched by the Divine and I want to share it with you -

Questions? Call 602-265-7667

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Dr. Turi

5 months ago

Please take the time to read about those courses from - Once you sign up, 4 hard cover books, printed materials and detailed information day by day will be mailed/shipped to you before the course so you can start learning the basics of Astroforensic and speak the Cosmic Code language with advanced students. This Natural Healing cosmic tuition will change your entire conception of life. Please read previous students' feedback at

Thank you

Dr. Turi

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