Lenka Koloma

Lenka Koloma is an international best selling author and transformation expert. Using a unique combination of expertise in biology, neuroscience, phychoneuroimmunology and science of life; Lenka helps people tap into their inner powers and reach the peak of human performance potential.

With $10 in her pocket, Lenka immigrated to the United States to experience the American dream and find happiness. Our of nothing she became a successful high-tech executive and real estate investor, but in the process of of building her financial wealth she ruined her most important wealth: hear health. Through many diseases. culminating in cancer, she had to find answers when the medical field failed her.

Lenka created a revolutionary healing protocol that has not only saved her life but has also helped thousands of others to heal themselves. Through her challenging journey and authentic discoveries, she delivers innovative tools to become physical and emotional super being. Lenka's passion is to empower others to create a life of unlimited abundance and bring peace to humanity.

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