Information about New Earth Marketplace

How it works

How it works

Book a Healing:
With your free membership, you are invited to attend free healing parties and book quality healing any time you like.  

Refund Policy:
If you are not satisfied with your first session from any of our practitioners, please request a refund from them within 2 weeks of your first session. If you need any help please contact us. The refund policy only applies for sessions booked on so please only book sessions using our site.

For Practitioners:
Want to get paid for your healing abilities? Just Sign Up and click "Post a New Listing."  You will be prompted to send us a message. Please send us as much information about what you do and where we can find out more about your healing business. If you are a good fit for the site, we will try to approve you within 3 business days. Our site takes 20% to pay for administrative costs and marketing.

Anyone can join who loves healing!  But only our approved healers can post listings.  We will keep an eye on the reviews, transactions and listings in order to maintain trust within the community.  We believe Book a Healing can be an amazing service for the whole world. Help us make that dream a reality!