The Self - Loved Life

Have you ever wanted to live a self-loved life?

Cindy a intuitive self-love therapist, has not only learned to live her own self-loved life, but through spirit with a special connection to your soul, she teaches others to live a life they've only dreamed of.
Cindy did not always live the self-love life herself, matter fact she jokes that she live the self loathe life.
Born with a rare birth defect, dropped off at at Children's receiving home at 4. Rich at times, homeless, abused, but, with all that went on in her younger years the one thing that was consistent was always spirit. Spirit was always telling her that there is more and she never gave up and she learned how to love herself through Spirits guidance.
Today Cindy offers a new approach to learning how to live in a life as a human being with a soaring spirit.
Come over and meet her at the her booth or look up her talk, she will certainly Delight you your spirit and your heart.

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