Christa Galactica Everest

Christa Galactica-
The Fairy Queen!
Loves to Dance and Write and Sing!
Living Life as Divine Being-
Sends Reiki-Light to Everything!
Discovered Yoga’s Blissful Mind &
Shares this Gift for HumanKind!
Leads Free Yoga on the Beach.
The World to Reach!
Went to UCI for Art-
A Cum Laude Grad,
She’s Fairy Smart!
Cuts & Colors & Styles Hair-
Puts Rainbow Hair Dye Everywhere!
Presently calls
Long Beach her home-
In the County of Angels
Where Gold is growln!
“Hey, Fairy!
Color the Trees
Galactivated “
(Order it, Please! !)
She’s been contacted
by ET‘s!
Star Family!
They tell her:
Live Right -
From your Heart!
Breathe in Light
and Create Art!

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